Rules | Regulations


The use of charcoal lighter fluid is prohibited. An electric charcoal lighter is the only authorized method of lighting BBQ charcoal.
All BBQ grills should be of the closed variety and of a size and type approved by the Council of Co- Owners.

The use of BBQ grills and any open flame devices to include charcoal, wood, propane, etc., are prohibited on balconies, patios, decks and porches or any other location near a building due to the increased potential fire hazard. These items must be removed from the designated areas.

Maintenance and repair work inside units is the responsibility of the owner and should be promptly performed. Damage to neighboring units caused by maintenance and/or repair problems in a unit is the responsibility of the offending owner. (a) Air conditioner filters and drain traps need to be kept clean. (b) Units should not be left with any equipment, i.e., dishwasher, in operation to avoid the possibility of malfunctions and subsequent flooding to other units. (c) Air filters above the kitchen range will trap grease and should be frequently cleaned to avoid a fire hazard. (d) Flammable material, which is susceptible to spontaneous combustion, should not be stored inside the unit. (e) Trash and garbage should not be left outside the units but carried immediately to the garbage disposal areas.

Each property owner is responsible for the visual appearance of the unit from the outside. (a) It is prohibited to hang garments, rugs, towels or other items from the windows or balconies of the buildings. With joint agreement between unit owners sharing a common stairway, towel rods, hat trees, etc. can be utilized to dry garments and towels in the stair landing. However, items used in this manner may not be visible from the pool or parking lot areas and should be removed when the owner leaves the property. (b) Private patios and balconies are to be maintained in a neat and clean condition. (c) Windows and sliding glass doors should be kept clean and are the responsibility of each individual owner. (d) Disposal of debris, (dead leaves from the owner’s plants, cigarette butts, beverage cans, etc.), on common grounds is not permitted. (e) If tile is added to patio, it must be 1” below the patio door threshold plate. Harbour Village will not bear responsibility for damage due to the tiling of these areas. Patios and balconies are considered a common area. The owner therefore acknowledges that if a balcony requires repair or replacement, Harbour Village will not replace the tile and cannot be held liable for the reimbursement cost of the tile.
Garbage and trash are to be placed in the dumpster inside the fenced trash disposal area. (Do not throw trash over the dumpster fence or store outside your unit).

Federal Pacific (FPE) electric panels must be replaced prior to receiving approval for a renovation. (Per the Washington Post, these panels are believed to be responsible for up to 2,800 fires, 13 deaths and $40,000,000 in property damage each year. The Consumer Product Safety Commission found that FPE breakers have as much as a 50% failure rate. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) revoked the approval for these devices due to “deceptive and improper practices” in the original approval process. Replacement is highly encouraged.)


No obnoxious or offensive activity will be tolerated on the property.
Residents will exercise extreme care about making noise—the use of musical instruments, radios, televisions, etc. which may interfere with their neighbors’ enjoyment of common areas. Please see Quiet Enjoyment Policy below.



The docking at our harbor is intended for loading and unloading of passengers, fishing and skiing equipment, and other temporary purposes. Extended mooring or permanent storage when the owner is absent from his unit is not allowed and is an imposition to others.

Owners only have overnight docking privileges in the Harbour Village canals and bulkhead areas. Owners should get a HV boat identification decal, to identify their right to moor overnight. Boats must be removed from the area when the owner leaves for an extended period. (Renters do not have overnight mooring privileges)
Boat and mooring positions are on a first come first serve basis only and are never considered ‘reserved’ for a weekend or day. (Jet skis and Kayaks are requested to use the designated areas or areas that do not block the mooring of larger watercraft)
Fishing is limited to the shoreline because of the inherent danger to both anglers and boaters. (Fishing gear and lines may not be left unattended and may not obstruct pathways or mooring areas)


Swimming in the marina is considered risky because of boat traffic and is not encouraged.
Fishing tackle, towels, floats, etc., are not to be left on the dock or bulkhead areas when the user leaves the area. (Items left on the grass for extended period can cause damage. Restoration costs may be billed to the responsible owner)

Fish are to be cleaned inside the owner’s unit or inside the fenced enclosure of the garbage disposal areas only. Never on the bulkheads, dock, or parking lot.
Glass containers are not to be used on the dock or bulkhead areas.

Swimming in the harbors or diving from the decking is not allowed.

Playing in the waterfall and stream if forbidden.



The first row of parking spaces closet to buildings B and D, and the first three rows in from of building C, are reserved for automobiles only.

No boats, boat trailers, travel trailers, campers, mobile homes, or recreational vehicles are permitted to remain overnight in the parking areas. Violators will be towed at their owner’s expense.

Campers, motor homes, or recreational vehicles that occupy more than two regular parking spaces are not permitted in the parking lot. NO CAMPING ALLOWED.

Vehicles that are inoperative, unlicensed, or unidentified with a HV decal will be removed from the parking area at the owners’ expense. (If you have a vehicle that is not often used, please park it in the spaces further from the building)

Skateboards are not allowed on walkways or parking area.

Bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles are not to be left on balconies, walkways, or parking area. They may be left under the nearest ground floor stairwell to the owner’s unit. Mopeds and bicycles are to be pushed to the parking lot area prior being started or ridden.



When outside the unit, pets must always be leashed.

Pets should be exercised away from the common areas, and it is the owner’s responsibility to clean up after their pet. (Leashed dogs may use the walkways and boardwalks to access Building A or for access to the owner’s boat).
Dogs are expressly prohibited from using the areas within the gates or immediately outside the gates, next to the buildings as exercise or bathroom areas. Designated bathroom areas are the grassy areas between our parking lot and Melville Dr and the grassy areas where pet waste stations are located).

Tethering of dogs and free roaming dogs are prohibited at Harbour Village.

Rental guests are not allowed to have pets. (This has been within the deed restrictions and bylaws since the inception of Harbour Village) (Owners of rental properties are encouraged to include the no-pet restrictions in their advertising and rental contracts. Rental guests bringing dogs will be asked to remove them from the premises and owners may be fined).

Pets making disruptive noises, such as barking, should not be brought to Harbour Village. Those pets considered a nuisance in the opinion of neighbors must be removed from the premises. (Aggressive animals or habitual barkers should not be kept at Harbour Village).

Ducks may be fed in the water only and should not be fed from the balcony or on the grass or boardwalk.


No signs, billboards or advertising devices of any nature are to be erected, maintained, or permitted on the property.
An owner will reimburse other owners or Council of Co-Owners, for any expenditure, for repairing or replacing personal or common elements damaged through negligence by the owner, guests, or renters.

Structural alterations to the exterior of the unit cannot be made without the written approval by the Council of Co-Owners. (This includes patios, landscaping, antennas, exterior wiring, etc.) Interior structural alterations, and alterations relating to the common electrical and plumbing systems require preauthorization by the Board of Administration.

All units are to be used and occupied for residential purposes only. (The deed restrictions state that the apartment units shall be occupied and used only for residential purposes, as a private dwelling or rental unit, and that no professional, business, or commercial use shall be made of the same).

Non-emergency requests to turn off the common water supply must be arranged in advance with Amitrust Management and should be arranged and staged to minimize the down time for fellow owners. If the planned work will require the water to be interrupted for more than three hours, a local shutoff valve should be installed so that service can be restored to the other units for the remainder of your unit’s repair.

Water shutoffs are scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 10am and 2pm.

It is recommended that a routine maintenance be performed annually to verify that your plumbing, and HVAC systems are operating properly and safely. You may be held liable for any damage caused to other units due to the accidental overflow of your air conditioning, appliances, or fixtures. Making sure your system is properly maintained will go a long way in preventing accidental damage.

Windows, Front Doors, Patio Doors, and Sliding Glass Doors may be replaced by individual owners but must be pre-approved by the Harbour Village Board of Administration prior to the commencement of work.
All exterior windows must be aluminum with a finish that closely matches existing windows (Due to limited availability of aluminum windows, other windows styles, such as white vinyl windows will be considered by the BOA).

The front door may be either a flat or panel door variety. Glass paneled doors are not permitted. Door hardware is to have a stainless steel or brushed nickel finish. Front and patio storage doors must be painted black (sheen to match existing).
White vinyl patio doors will be permitted.

Owners should verify that any installation is properly performed, and that flashing is installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Harbour Village is not responsible for damage to your unit or neighboring units that results from failing to protect the building during replacement or damage occurring during, after or due to the work is performed.


Since lifeguards are not available, owners and guests use the pool at their own risk. Children should never be left unsupervised in the pool area. Supervised swimming and diving activities are provided at the Yacht Club pool.

  • Pool hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • The outdoor furniture has been provided for the owners and should never be removed from the pool area. (If you do move furniture within an area, be courteous and put it back when you leave)
  • Glass containers are not allowed in the pool area.
  • All floats, balls, towels, etc., should be returned to the individual units when leaving the pool area. As a temporary convenience, such items may be placed in a neat manner beside the stairway.
  • Pets, skateboards, and bikes are not allowed in the pool area.
  • Pool cleaning equipment is not to be used for any other purpose.
  • Pick up after yourself. Do not leave trash or food items behind.
  • Non radio or music devices may be used without headphones.



For health and safety reasons, kayaks and similar water toys must either be stored on a Harbour Village kayak rack or within the owner’s unit.
All Kayaks and water toys stored in the common area must be in an assigned Harbour Village Kayak rack space, oriented to prevent the accumulation of standing water and secured to the rack with a lock. Owner assumes all liability for injury or death due to their improperly stored water toys.

Assigned rack space is available for rent from Amitrust Management for a nominal annual fee.

Kayaks and water toys are privately owned and not to be used unless with the permission of the specific owner.

All Kayaks and water toys should be marked with a unit number for identification.

Abandoned, unmarked, improperly or unsafely stored items are subject to removal.

The Kayak area furniture is to remain in that area. If you rearrange any furniture, reset it as you found it when you leave.
Do not block the kayak launch areas or recovery ladder.


In case of fire, police, or medical emergency, call 911

For Emergency Security issues call Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800.

For emergency water cutoff or other urgent issues with the buildings or grounds 281-846-4170.

Combination deadbolts or spare keys for emergency access are recommended. Register a code or key with the office for use in case of emergency. You may also wish to designate a full-time resident neighbor who would be able to provide emergency access.

Have your electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems checked annually to lessen your risk of an emergency call or damage to the property.

Touchup paint colors for Harbour Village are available at Sherwin Williams. Boothbay Blue SG WB Enamel; Semigloss Black.

Mark your unit number on items that may be used in the common areas, so we don’t assume something was abandoned by a guest.

Call the office for a resident parking sticker or boat sticker. All vehicles not parked in the designated Visitors Parking, or showing a valid Owner Parking Decal, will be towed.

If parking trailers in Walden boat launch area, get a sticker from the Walden CIA for extended parking privileges. (Subject to Walden on Lake Conroe Rules and Regulations.) Walden Community Improvement Association, Inc., 13301 Walden Road, Montgomery, TX 77356, 936.582.1622

Rental boats and water toys are available from Einstein’s in the Walden Marina.

Rules & Regulations Enforcement Policy

Exhibit A of the Harbour Village by-laws outlines specific guidelines to be respected by owners, residents, and guests. The enforcement policy will apply for a specific violation report. Multiple rule violations will result in the enforcement for each independently. The rules and regulations will be enforced in the following manner:

Enforcement Policy Process:

A violation report should be communicated, along with any corresponding documentation the resident or owner may have, by contacting the designated management company. All reports shall remain confidential.
The management company will:
– 1st Offense: Notify the individual of the infraction by email.

– 2nd Offense: Forward a letter regarding this infraction and give notification that a fine will be assessed if reported again.

– 3rd Offense & Any Subsequent Offense: Forward a certified letter notifying the owner of the fine assessed.

Schedule of Fines:

  • 3rd Offense Fine- $75.00
  • 4th Offense Fine-$100.00
  • 5th Offense Fine- $200.00

For any offense thereafter, the fine will be $200.00.

Report Violations to:
Harbour Village Management

Main Office



The purpose of this policy is to ensure Quiet Enjoyment for all Harbour Village owners and residents.

All sounds and noise must be confined to the inside of an owner’s unit. This includes, but is not limited to, voices, pets, TVs, speakers, and any sound producing equipment.

All sounds produced within an owner’s unit must be retained inside of the unit. Sounds shall not extend past the windows, doors, or inside walls.

Violation of this policy will subject the owner to the Rules and Regulations Enforcement Policy.

Owners are responsible for communicating this policy to their tenants, for tenant adherence to this policy, and for any fines due from the Rules and Regulations Enforcement Policy.


Patio or porch tile or flooring of any type may only be installed with the approval of the Harbour Village Condominium Board of Administration Architectural Committee. Please contact the management office for the form to be completed for board approval.

Any tile or flooring installation on balconies or porches must measure one inch below the patio door threshold plate. All such tile or flooring installation must include flashing, caulking, and/or similar waterproofing materials to prevent water entering or water damage to buildings.

The owner of the unit which installs tiles or flooring on balconies or patios, accepts total responsibility, financial and otherwise, for any water intrusion damage or damage of any sort that may occur to their or any other neighboring unit from the result of such installation.

Harbour Village will not bear any responsibility for any damage to the tiling or flooring of these areas, nor to any damaged caused by improper installation, improper waterproofing, or failure to maintain waterproofing.

Patios and balconies are considered common areas. The owner therefore acknowledges in the event of balcony replacement or other repair, Harbour Village will not replace the tile and cannot be held liable for the reimbursement cost of any tile or covering on porches or balconies.

An any tile, flooring, pavers, or any materials on Harbour Village Condominium common areas is a donation to the Harbour Village Council of Co-Owners, Inc. Therefore, any materials in Harbour Village common areas are the property of the association and may be moved or removed at the discretion of the Harbour Village Condominium Board of Administration.


Renovation applications which will require new electrical circuits to be added to an existing FPE distribution panel will not be approved. This policy change is due the increased risk of fire the panels present. FPE panels must be replaced prior to receiving approval for a renovation application as described. Documentation of the replacement will be required. All plans for renovation must be approved through IMC and the Harbour Village Board prior beginning a project.


Window and Door Replacements must meet Harbour Village Policies and must be approved by the Board of Administration. Please contact the management office for the form to complete.


Interior renovations may not proceed without completion of the Renovation Form and approval by the Board of Administration. Please contact the management office for the form to complete.